Historical Investments

Fund status: Open for new subscribers

Fund objective:

The team behind Happenco launched their first fund, Helix Ventures, a private investment vehicle, in 2016, born out of a native engineering capability and reputation carefully built over 8 years for building great Australian companies.

It positioned us to follow our expertise with capital, extending our top-tier returns to a community of sophisticated private LPs.

Co-investment partners: Lead investor Stage

01 Nova credit

KPCB, American Express SaaS Construction

02 #yolo.ex

Antler Series A

03 Neara

Square Peg Series B

04 slyp

Commbank, NAB Series B

05 canva

Blackbird Series E

06 qwilr

Air Tree Series B

07 veyor

FIVEV Capital Series A

08 the spec sheet

KIS Capital Partners Seed