Happenco Ventures Fund

Early-Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP)

Fund objective:

To invest in early-stage Australian-based technology businesses with high growth potential; we are seeking ambitious founders with deep subject matter expertise and high conviction.

About the fund:

The fund invests at the minimum viable product stage supporting our portfolio to build and grow past initial product market fit and on to a Series A funding round. Happenco ES 1 is currently open for investment.

Information Memorandum:

Request the Happenco ES 1 LP Information Memorandum and to discuss new investment opportunities please contact [email protected]

Fund portfolio: Description Type Deal Investment

01 Veyor

Veyor Digital is a cloud based, live planning tool for the construction industry, connecting all parties in real time to improve field coordination and efficiency SaaS Construction Seed Dec-22 Spring Capital, Rob Phillpot, Leigh Jasper (Aconex)

02 1Derful

The 1Derful platform is a DeFi bank. It provides an integrated financial experience for users across transactional services, wallet and digital assets, instant ‘borderless payments’, ‘digital secured lending’ Fin Tech Web 3.0 Seed Jan-21 Spring Capital, Henessey capital partners

03 Ferovinum

Ferovinum provides embedded finance and stock management software services built specifically for the wine and spirits industry Fin Tech F&B Finance Seed Apr-21 BCI Finance

04 Neeon

Neeon are helping fill the credit gap in small business by enabling partners to offer highly configurable finance products directly to their customer base via the Neeon embedded finance solution. Fin Tech Embedded Finance Seed Sept-22 Private Family Office Network

05 Equip

“Equip is the “future of circular retail” and a global FMGG locker network backed by two of the world’s largest sporting goods retailers: Nidecker & Decathlon.” SaaS Retail Seed Sep-22 Nidecker Group, TNF Investments, Decathlon

06 Neara

Neara is a physics-enabled platform that builds 3D interactive models of critical infrastructure networks and assets, providing the ability to run real-world scenarios, assess current and future risk, and prioritize maintenance and disaster response Advertising & Marketing Series A April-21 OIF, Skip Capital

07 Yolo.Ex

Built on a world class gaming engine that provides users an immersive experience alongside a gamified, functional education in financial markets Web 3.0 Educational & Finance Markets Seed Jan-22 Antler

08 Earnr

Yield focused fintech providing consumer/business/SMSF access to a curated list of quality financial products with easy on-boarding Advertising & Marketing Seed Nov-21 Founder led, Helix

09 Prooftec

Prooftec is an AI start-up that has developed a proprietary AI asset surface inspection technology for high value assets. SaaS Articifical Intelligence Seed Sept-22 InsurTech Gateway

10 The Spec Sheet

The Spec sheet is the source of truth globally for creative ad specifications. A centralised database of all creative ad specs, connecting publishers, media and creative agencies Advertising & Marketing Seed April-21 Sequoia, OIF, Square Peg

11 Musichealth

Music Health empowers humans to be superheroes of their own mental health. Their first product Vera is a research-backed app that uses music to assist caregiver’s during the challenging moments of supporting a person with dementia through the activities of daily living (ADL's). SaaS Healthcare Seed Jan-23 Giant Leap Capital

12 Tanna.ai

Tanna is the most powerful note-taking tool of its kind. Leveraging proprietary AI technology and open AI’s Whisper platform Tanna makes studying more efficient and effective for anyone and learning more accessible for students with a disability or where English is their second language. SaaS Education Seed Jan-23 Our Innovation Fund