Helix Ventures

Fund status: Closed – fully subscribed private fund

Fund objective:

To invest in eight early-stage Australian-based technology businesses with high growth potential and prove our process for value creation.

About the fund:

The fund invests at the minimum viable product stage supporting our portfolio to build and grow past initial product market fit and on to a Series A funding round. Helix Ventures Fund is a private fund. It reached its investment target size of $XX million within x months. The portfolio cohort, including Canva, Neara and Nova Credit, now represent some of Australia’s best high growth companies. The success of this private fund proved our process for value creation and led to the creation of subsequent public funds – Happenco Fund 1 and Happenco Venture Fund | ESVC.

Information Memorandum:

Access an outline of the Helix Ventures investment portfolio here.